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Search Engine Tags
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The following sections talk about filling in Title and Metatags from within the edit platform. When filling these out, look for example at other sites or ask. The edit platform provides all the necessary code. All you do is put in your list or sentence.

Meta and Title tags: (Log-in to your Website)

IG has three buttons toward the top of the screen.
Find the "System" button (when logged into).
Once in System area, select "Modify System Settings".

First you will see and entry space called Page Title: (This is what displays at the very top left of every web-browser screen). Some search engine will rank off of "title". Enter in your primary keywords as a short readable phrase. Really try to keep this to three or four words that differentiate while using keywords. In many cases, this is what shows up when a web browser saves a website to it's hot list or "favorites" section.

Then scroll to the bottom of the Modify System Settings page. Under keywords provide a comma-delimited list of your top 10 keywords. (This is what people would normally type when at the search engines trying to locate your site or service) Feel free to use short phrases and you can go more than 10 but today's search engines don't need every last minute variation on plurals for each keyword.

Under that see "Description". This should be one or two sentences in English that will display as the 2 line explanation when some search engines display results they have found. Again, use your keywords but be careful to say something that's going to grab/differentiate the attention of someone reading down a list of search engine results as here, you will appear side by side with your competitors. Savvy Internet users will read this content and are not afraid to go into a couple of pages worth of results to find the site that's "talking" to them. At all costs avoid excessive use of punctuation marks, capitals and any phrasing that could be construed as misleading or excessive.

In the pages that you create on your site and especially the home page. The first paragraph or two of text is also ranked. Each page of text has to appeal to viewers who are visiting your website. Try to keep it short and compact. Not put too much text on one page. Use several pages if you have a lot that you have to get across in writing.

Search Engines use some or all or of the above methods to produce ranked page results for searchers. Once the above information is entered in, the system will format it into the necessary Title and Meta tags formatted into the HTML that any web browser sees. With it in place, search engines will have a much better chance of appropriately ranking your website.

Regularly updating the content of your site is a very good method to keep your listings. Google and other search engines regularly refreshes the information provided from the sites they list and recognize information that is older than 60 days and starts to lower it in the listing results. Modfifying some of the content on a page or two each month is a goo way to keep up your listing in search engines.

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