Service Level Agreement (SLA) Litchfield Webservices July 2015.

You are free to use your hosting site area for any legal purpose. For most businesses this includes viewing pages, editing content and transfer of files. You should be able to expect that visitors running on a working broadband connection of their own should be able to view your website quickly and without undue delay.

However some purposes are not allowed. Activities that include consuming of computer and or bandwidth resources either on "our" end or somehow on other people's end can not be tolerated. For most businesses the question in mind pertains to email. Can I send email? The answer is yes, however we will become aware of the kind of activity that falls into the prohibited category by the number of complaints we receive. This is called a "reputation" and where we will work with clients to resolve their email transmission issues continued use and abuse of email transmission privilege will result in cancellation of account.

Another area in which we have to be compliant is with regard to submission of online forms and the transmission of sensitive data. Banks, credit card companies, online transactional processing companies have requested and required that your submission for credit card payment be handled via the mechanism of a Secure Server Certificate. This Certificate undergoes an annual renewal process through an email verification method for the domain name in question. Should your Secure Server Certificate be allowed to fall into lapse period, your site will not be able to transmit credit card or other sensitive information. If you think your site will be handling sensitive data, e.g. client's medical information, you should discuss with us how we can safeguard that information from being casually observed while in transit.

Other areas of concern involve otherwise legitimate transfer of large amounts of data. 99% of businesses will not regularly exceed what we consider fair practice yet for the remaining ones we would be happy to craft a higher level service agreement to handle large websites, heavy traffic sites that require multiple logons, publications, frequent or large downloads or any other activity we deem to be beyond what we consider normal for most company websites.

In this electronic age, being able to substantially identify level of service in this regard has yet to be identified much less standardized. Yet we feel the below provides some sense of responsiveness regarding your hosted website with us.

PING TEST: Typically our ping time is under 100 ms, individual ping times may vary but most locations should see a reasonable sub 100 ms ping. 100 ms is a tenth of a second meaning a request is sent and returned in under a tenth of a second.

SEARCH RESULTS LOAD TIME: What we find as the best metric is loading a site off of a google search. Some competitor hosted sites take 20 seconds or longer to load often losing the visitor due to impatience which is based on the fact that the site they are coming to does not appear to be loading. We maintain a sub 15 second initial page rollout limit with most sites appearing complete with 3 seconds. Some sites will tend to take more time than others depending on how large and complicated their homepage is.

SERVER UP TIME: We maintain a 99.9% service up-time. Pro Rating or percentage discount for downtime: For downtime we would prorate 10% to 25% off the monthly fee but we would have to feel there was a valid cause for the percentage, such as being able to independently verify that a site was not loading for a given period of time in excess of 45 minutes.

EXAMPLE SITE: Visit thereminder.com website which is fairly complex and which loads to completion in a few seconds. One can expect similar or better results using Reminder Publications Hosting for their own website.

EMAIL LIMITS: Our standard limit is 2,000 pieces of email per day. You are responsible for maintaining your list, removing dead addresses and the timely and effective removal of those indicating they no longer wish to receive email from you. If using Invisible Gold, IG has an auto-remove feature built into each email. If the recipient uses this function the list entry still exists but the "Send Email" checkbox is not checked.

EMAIL COURTESY: Excessive frequency of transmission, large or containing overly complicated HTML code or list mail containing attachments or continued transmission to reported "dead" addresses all fall into the category of email courtesy and are indicators going into what we mentioned as "Reputation". We expect that you would want to understand, learn and take steps to help minimize your impact on an already strained email system.

In an effort to keep our SLA on point we have limited it's length to remain readable. We reserve the right to alter or add to it as we see it fit. An SLA is not a contract but more as an instructional tool to help you understand issues going into your website hosted and email transmission world. Please do not hesitate to contact us with your specific questions relating to any of the above.

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