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We generally contract to do 3 site presentations based on a conversation, visit or via email where you give us ideas of what you would like to see and or example websites that convey the images or ideas you like.

How the magic happens

How the magic happens
We work out with you what you want your site to be about, plan out a navigation plan or site map, if that works then we begin the design cycle. We present you with three "looks", talk it over, choose one then come back with some refinements and take it from there.

Sometimes people refer us to sites they like, that works great to give us an idea of what you are looking for. We combine aspects of technologies available in our edit platform or available from the 'net to provide dropdown menus, mouse over effects, slideshows and other manipulation effects designed to give your site visitors the impression of what you are about.

We like to keep the navigation simple and well-founded. We design in an window area that takes the editable content space that is later worked with during the site content building cycle. We make simple and fancy introduction pages, animations, multiple design appearances, mapped images but mostly a solid layout designed to enclose your information in some unique format that is never dictated by pre-defined templates or technology or layout restrictions.

Side Navigation

Side Navigation
The side bar or side nav. as we call it is the second level of access or links. Planning how this further breaks down your information is essential to guiding your viewer through the site and keeping them comfortable with the experience. What those links are further dictates your design, but that does not mean it has to be a bar or on the side, it just has to be somewhere where your visitor can find it easily.

For example the banner below puts the second level of navigation below the banner and the main links. There are also drop down menus, fly out menus and push down menus; whatever they are, they need to be clear, easy to find and always visible.
Example of a "banner" site design that is low-cost. Your site's editable content would reside below the banner image.

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