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Hosting Services

Hosting Services
The IG self edit platform is our most popular choice; being able to edit your own website without additional software or knowledge of code, FTP or filesystem structure makes easy editing of pictures, pages and content in your site.

Simple Hosting FTP based site area with contact form support, SSL and anything else you may need to make you current site work.

Wordpress The popular blog platform community supported with hundreds of themes and plugins. We can get your Wordpress site up and running.

We provide a number of innovative hosting solutions for your new website. If you have an existing website not being run by an application, we can cut over your site exactly as is to our hosting service and perform all the necessary Domain and Pointing operations necessary to make it live.

We can also "convert" your website to the IG (Invisible Gold) platform thus making it editable by yourself or our staff members.

Developers and designers can request secure FTP access to their website or website portfolio.

We can also perform database creation and backup of your database and apply it to your new or existing site running HTML or PHP code.

If you have a hosting question, feel free to contact us for a consultative answer on what is possible to switch, maintain, upgrade or consolidate your hosting services under one roof.

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